Release of Pitch Talk 3.6

Pitch Technologies is happy to announce we’ve recently enhanced our simulated radio product suite with a new release of Pitch Talk. The release contain several overall performance improvements and takes care of a few minor bugs.

About Pitch Talk

Pitch Talk is a complete communications solution enabling high fidelity simulation with unlimited channels of radio, intercom, audio and chat. The product makes it easy to design, centrally manage and deploy exercises and offers a wide range of integration opportunities, including customizable radio panels, embeddable communications interfaces and HLA/DIS integration.

Pitch Talk 3.6

This is a release with improved compatibility with playback of recorded simulation data. The new client feature elevated mode will also make it easier to configure clients/tools used during playback, as they don’t need to have been pre-configured in the recorded communication plan.

General Improvements

  • Playback of recorded Pitch Talk federations which contains a deployed project is now made possible without having to rely on an Admin Server running during the playback. This will make it easier to record and replay Pitch Talk federations. For this to work, the recorded project has to be from a new Admin Server, version v3.6.0 or later.
  • Clients can now be elevated. When the radio- and standard clients are elevated they can send and receive on all channels. All radio channel presets will be accessible but no equipment will be used on any channel. The standard client will also be able to list all peer clients. The radio- and standard clients can be configured to be elevated in their settings files.

API Changes

  • A Client can be set to elevated. An elevated client can send and receive on all audio- and chat channels and list peer clients. All configured equipment will be available for audio channels and the client will have access to all radio channel presets.


  • Log file output directory for installed Pitch Talk applications can now be changed using the vmoption se.pitch.pitchtalk.logDir. See the User’s Guide for configuration details.

Want to learn more?
To read more about Pitch Talk, make sure to visit the product page. As the need for complex simulation tools increases Pitch Technologies will continue to improve its product line to meet customer needs. For more information or a demo of Pitch Talk, please contact us.