Pitch Products Showcase: Talk, AAR, Media streaming and more

Here is a summary of some of the most important demos that we gave at I/ITSEC 2018. Please contact Pitch or our distributors if you want more information.

Communications training using Pitch Talk which is now the foundation of Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS Radio. You can now interoperate between your simulations and VBS using Pitch Talk; Build your own Pitch Talk clients; Develop and plug in advanced radio effect simulations using our brand-new Effects Architecture; Experience using Pitch Talk for automated tactical pilot training using ACES (new product!!); Connect Pitch Talk to live radios using our new Pitch Talk LVC Connector. Immerse into realistic audio in simulations using our new Pitch Talk Game Immersion headphones/microphone interface.

Powerful After-Action Review using the Pitch Media Streamer in combination with the newest version of Pitch Recorder to capture many video displays and cameras, and record/playback in sync large amounts of video, radio, HLA, and DIS using Pitch Recorder. Check out our latest add-ons for management of training sessions, and how to embed Pitch Media Streamer and Pitch Recorder to control recording and playback. See our demos on how this has been used for platform training in a helicopter door-gunner and used within the world’s largest Civil-military exercise: Viking.

Cross-domain security solutions to run training exercises that mix high and low security domains (for example, network Classified and Unclassified systems). Develop security policies for any object model, such as RPR FOM or NATO Education and Training FOM. Talk to Bjorn Moller or other Pitch personnel at I/ITSEC to learn more.

MSAAS – Modeling and Simulation as a Service is the latest concept that enables you to compose and deliver training using cloud-based solutions and service-oriented approaches. See how to compose and control tactical scenarios over the web for MSAAS-based Command and Control training.

Tools for the latest standards. Learn how Pitch tools support the NATO Education and Training Network and the Space FOM, two new architectures on the leading edge of simulation-based training. See the newest addition to Pitch Developer Studio generating code for C# development. Talk to us about early support for upcoming standards like HLA 4 and RPR FOM 3, and of course, lots of new versions for our classic bestsellers like Pitch pRTI, Pitch DIS Adapter, Pitch Booster and more.