Scalable and Embeddable Data Logging for Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation: HLA, Link 16, DIS and more

ABSTRACT: One of the most important simulation assets is the data that is collected during executions. Imagine being able to look back, analyze and reuse the data of simulations that have been run during the last decade. However, data logging has a number of challenges, not the least in today’s environment where we need to train jointly and combined and mix a number of Live, Virtual and Constructive simulators, using different

This paper summarizes some requirements for LVC data logging as well as replay. It also describes some early experiences from developing and testing a data logger that can perform fully synchronized, simultaneous data logging of HLA, DIS, Link 16 and other data streams. Some details are given on aspects like embedding, chase play, ownership and import/export. Some challenges and limitations when mixing these different interoperability and data link standards are also covered.

Authors: Björn Möller, Fredrik Antelius, Tom van den Berg, Roger Jansen
Publication: Proceedings of 2011 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop, 11F-SIW-055, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, September 2011.

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