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Pitch Technologies’ products support the entire simulation development, deployment and maintenance life-cycle. Here is a cookbook that describes how they are typically used for different needs.

Make Your Systems Work Together using HLA

Make your systems work together using Pitch pRTI and the open HLA standard. Pitch pRTI is a Run-time Infrastructure that implements the full standard. The HLA standard provides services for flexible data exchange, synchronization and management. Pitch pRTI implements the standard with unsurpassed performance and robustness. Additional features of Pitch pRTI includes monitoring and debugging from web browsers, tablets and smartphones.

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Build a Unified Infrastructure

Build a unified infrastructure for simulation data, audio, video, tactical data links and more, based on open standards. Distribute and share all the data locally or between distributed sites across a country or across the world. Record and replay all data in sync.

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Manage Data and Systems
Manage the data and systems using powerful COTS tools. Pitch Recorder enables you to record and play back your simulation data. You can also inspect the data in real-time or after the execution. Export data and analyze it in your own software. Pitch Commander can start and stop your applications and monitor their status. It can also check the network, the RTI and the HLA federation. Build customized, web-based dashboards and scripts to monitor and control the execution.

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Connect Sites and Build an Enterprise Cloud
Build your own cloud by connecting your sites with Pitch Booster. Connect your systems as usual with Pitch pRTI and get your systems to work together between different cities, countries or even continents. Monitor and control your systems across sites with Pitch Commander.

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Add Interoperability to your Simulations
Make your own systems interoperable based on the HLA standard using developer tools from Pitch. Start by using Pitch Visual OMT to design the Federation Object Model that specifies what information you need to exchange. Then use Pitch Developer Studio to generate program code you need for your simulation. Debug and verify correct information exchange using Pitch Recorder.

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Develop Custom Bridges
Connect you HLA systems to anything you can think of, like Hardware-in-the-loop equipment, proprietary protocols, Web Services, DDS or any other protocol. Create your own bridge by simply generating parts of the application using Pitch Developer Studio and add any custom code required. Use standard object models or create your custom object model using Pitch Visual OMT.

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