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Fighter pilot training with synthetic speech

ACES is designed to complement an existing flight simulator with a synthetic fighter controller function to increase the overall training capability of the device. It uses speech recognition and speech synthesis for realistic and natural controller to pilot communication. ACES keeps track of the unfolding events of the battle and provides recognized air picture, tactical control, and declarations continuously, or on request by participating pilots.

The built-in Air Combat Speech Recognizer has an extensive air combat grammar based on the AFTTP 3-1.1 document. The grammar has been tested and verified by active fighter pilots.

ACES is easy to integrate into your training environment, using the HLA IEEE 1516 or DIS IEEE 1278, the international standards for simulation interoperability.

Pitch is the exclusive reseller of ACEs on behalf of Intuitech for the European and North American market. We also provide support, integration and adaptation.

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