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19-NovDistributed Air Force Training using HLA10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST

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Distributed Training for Air Force using HLA

Suranga Wickramasekera

with Suranga Wickramasekera

Collective training used to be seen as bringing people together to one place for training. Thanks to modern distributed simulation technologies, defense customers around the world can now train from their home bases and interoperate across different services, and thus break new grounds in the push towards “train as you fight” concepts. UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Gladiator program is one such example.

Pitch is the preferred supplier providing the simulation infrastructure tools and support services for the UK RAF Gladiator program. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the hardest challenges in providing a simulation backbone that connects multiple operating bases in the UK and overseas and how Pitch’s commercial-off-the-shelf tools are helping to address these challenges. This webinar is highly recommended for any organization or professional developing synthetic solutions for collective training.

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