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We will be hosting free webinars on a series of topics related to distributed simulation. See below for more information on upcoming sessions. Webinar presentations and demonstrations will be approximately 30 minutes long followed by Q&A with experts.


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Date Session Time slots.
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27-OctIntroduction to Distributed Simulation15:30 CET / 10:30 US EDT
29-OctAdvanced Recording for Audio, Video, and DIS/HLA-data15:30 CET /
10:30 US EDT
5-NovBuild Distributed Simulations with Ease15:30 CET / 09:30 US EST
10-NovCross-Domain Security – The Bigger Picture15:30 CET / 09:30 US EST
19-NovDistributed Air Force Training using HLA10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST

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Introduction to Distributed Simulation

Damon Curry  Björn Möller

with Damon Curry and Björn Möller

Distributed simulation is a powerful technology, with applications like defense training, development of equipment and systems headed into space, medical training and crisis management exercises. This Pitch Café webinar explains the differences between Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming simulation with descriptions of use-cases, underlying technologies, challenges and solutions. This webinar also describes how standards are used to build more powerful solutions at lower cost with less risk. This presentation should be useful to anyone interested in distributed simulation, especially program managers needing a wide but overview level understanding of the subject. It will also provide some high level technical information.

Advanced Recording for Audio, Video, and DIS/HLA-data


with Martin Johansson

Pitch has a powerful suite of tools for building a debrief solution which just has been expanded with the release of Pitch Recorder 3.0!
In this webinar Pitch will present an AAR use case and demonstrate how we solve it using Pitch Recorder. We will show how to synchronize (time) your simulation, communication and video. We will demonstrate the power of our new Pitch Recorder, which allows you to recreate recreate the state of the simulation at any point in time without having to play back all the data from the beginning.

Build Distributed Simulations with Ease


with Martin Johansson

Building distributed simulations can be quick and easy if you have the right tools. Allow us to demonstrate how to develop a Federation Object Model (FOM), auto generate code, build, run and verify it using the smartest tools on the market, for Java, C++ and C#.

Cross-Domain Security – The Bigger Picture

Björn Möller

with Björn Möller

It’s often said, “We must train together.” Different nations must train together, and military and civil organizations must train together — just two examples where information from one domain is needed or provided by entities in a higher security domain. However, simulation based training across different information security domains is a complex problem as data security rules about information transfer must be enforced without impeding effective training.

This webinar will provide an overview of some of the challenges and how Pitch’s CDS technology address these challenges for modern HLA based distributed training exercises involving different security domains.

Distributed Training for Air Force using HLA

Suranga Wickramasekera

with Suranga Wickramasekera

Collective training used to be seen as bringing people together to one place for training. Thanks to modern distributed simulation technologies, defense customers around the world can now train from their home bases and interoperate across different services, and thus break new grounds in the push towards “train as you fight” concepts. UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Gladiator program is one such example.

Pitch is the preferred supplier providing the simulation infrastructure tools and support services for the UK RAF Gladiator program. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the hardest challenges in providing a simulation backbone that connects multiple operating bases in the UK and overseas and how Pitch’s commercial-off-the-shelf tools are helping to address these challenges. This webinar is highly recommended for any organization or professional developing synthetic solutions for collective training.

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