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Are you planning to visit I/ITSEC 2018 in Orlando? If so, don’t miss these tutorials

LVC Interoperability 101
Damon Curry from Pitch will present LVC interoperability 101 on Monday the 26th of Nov at 12:45 in room S-320C (third floor, above the exhibit hall). The tutorial is intended for decision makers who have recently started work in the area of distributed simulation and need a top-level understanding of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) interoperability and supporting standards, technologies, and processes. Highly recommended for simulation users on the management level.

HLA Evolved and HLA 4
Björn Möller from Pitch will present “Introduction to HLA”. on Monday the 26th of Nov at 12:45 in room S-320E (third floor, above the exhibit hall). Please visit for more information. Recommend for simulation users who want to learn more about HLA and the upcoming HLA 4 version.

Everyone can attend!
All persons attending I/ITSEC can attend these tutorials, even those with “Exhibits Only” badges. It is not necessary to be registered for “Conferences” to attend these tutorials. I/ITSEC’s exhibit hall does not open until 14:00 on the first day (Monday), so you can easily attend these tutorials while you wait for the exhibit hall to open.

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